2020.06.16-19. AUTOMATICA München

automatica 2020

automatica 2020 München

The Leadng Exhibition for Smart Automation and Robotics

Időpont: 2020. június 16-19. – ELHALASZTVA! – IDŐPONTVÁLTOZÁS

ÚJ IDŐPONT: 2020. december 8 – 11.

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Automatica 2020 december

Spotlight on automated production

Apart from production-optimizing solutions and products, the world’s leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics also showcases all visionary key technologies in a single location.

Challenges, opportunities, risks: In times of great upheaval, automatica 2020 provides valuable impetus for the future of automated production. The world’s leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics is the only event worldwide that brings all visionary key technologies together in one place. Another inspiring part of automatica is the supporting program with its focus on relevant topics and top-level speakers: Learn how to utilize the latest developments to your advantage from industrial, scientific and political leaders. The vision of autonomous production begins here in Munich.

The road from automated to autonomous production

automatica 2020 will once again be a future lab offering an open and interdisciplinary space for productive exchange between industry representatives. It has a clear vision to guide exhibitors and visitors from automated to autonomous production: The factory of the future controls itself. At automatica, we will take you along on this journey and show you how your company can grow with this vision.

But above all, automatica provides answers to the industry’s most pressing questions. How to lead a company from sequential to matrix production? How can driverless transport systems become even more flexible? How can machines solve complex tasks autonomously? Usher in a new age of production at automatica 2020.

Your fast track to the future

automatica provides valuable impetus for progress by advancing the trend topics of digital transformation, human-machine collaboration and artificial intelligence.

Digital transformation
We will show you how to exploit the opportunities that digital transformation in production offers: Apart from data networking, this is also about establishing collaboration models in entirely new constellations.

Man and machine
At the same time, human and machine-based work environments are getting closer: Learn how production processes can be designed in a future-oriented way using autonomous robots that are flexible in terms of location and tasks.

Artificial intelligence
Self-optimizing or smart software is an indispensable tool in the factory of tomorrow: Experience the latest in automated production. And last but not least: Gain a valuable outlook and insights into a future full of business opportunities.

Highly relevant for all sectors

Orientation, business relevance and security of investments: automatica is the world’s largest exhibition on robotics, assembly and handling technology, machine vision and digital solutions for the smart factory. The upcoming event in 2020 will present opportunities for you to design your production processes more efficiently by exploiting the potential of digitalization—at all levels and for all industry sectors. Benefit from know-how transfer with leading experts and expand your network with people who can show you the way to Industry 4.0.

Solutions for all branches of industry

The leading platform automatica is the only trade fair in the world that covers all requirements in the value chain: From individual components to complete systems, and from turnkey applications to specific tailored services.

automatica’s exhibition sectors

Assembly and handling technologyIndustrial robotsProfessional service roboticsMachine visionPositioning systemsDrive technologySensor technologyControl system technology and industrial communicationSafety and security technologySupply technologySoftware and cloud computingServices and service providersResearch and technology

Assembly and handling technology (Integrated assembly solutions)

Every day, quick and reliable handling, positioning and connecting turns millions of individual parts into new products. The latest assembly and handling technologies allow you to achieve maximum quality and high throughput rates while keeping unit costs low. You should also take advantage of seamless and automatic tracking. Thanks to modular designs, automated assembly lines can be adapted to new requirements quickly and flexibly.

Exhibits at automatica

Assembly stations and systems, including for specific fields of application • Equipment for storage, ordering, sorting and feeding • Equipment for linking and transport • Components for linking and transportation equipment • Equipment for fastening and joining • Equipment for marking • Test systems • Basis and construction elements • Manual workplace systems • Workplace equipment • Packaging units • Surface treatment

Industrial robots

Robots are the most flexible production element, so they play a significant role in automation. These freely programmable “all-rounders” can be used as universal “movement machines”. Operating robots has become much easier and more mobile—robotics solutions have been in use in small and medium-sized enterprises for quite some time.

Equipped with innovative security technology, the “cobot” collaborates directly with humans. Above all, it relieves them of monotonous and difficult tasks. Thanks to human-robot collaboration, this machine is increasingly evolving into a “metal colleague”.

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