2020.05.05-08. Control Stuttgart

Control 2020

Control 2020 Stuttgart

Időpont: 2020.május 5-8. – ELHALASZTVA – IDŐPONTVÁLTOZÁS!

International trade fair for quality assurance

ÚJ IDŐPONT: 2021. május 4-7.

Quality Assurance as a Success Factor

The Control international trade fair for quality assurance, which will be held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from 5th to 8th May 2020, provides suppliers and users with a globally recognised technical event which is focused strictly on relevant issues. The trade fair explores all pertinent aspects in theory and offers a highly practical presentation of current worldwide offerings for useful technologies, processes, products and system solutions in the field of industrial quality assurance. And thus the nearly 900 manufacturers and exhibitors of QA equipment represented at Control make it possible for manufacturing companies and their suppliers to hone their competitive edge. The supplementary programme with world-class participants and the comprehensive exhibition and information portfolio will once again transform Stuttgart into the business Mecca of the QA industry in the spring of 2020.

Special trade fair guide for industrial image processing and vision systems

More than 250 manufacturers and distributors of components, modules, subsystems and complete systems who will participate at Control are listed in the special trade fair guide for industrial image processing and vision systems. And thus Control provides the largest, most comprehensive and most international presentation within its industry sector, so that expert visitors can gather information about current worldwide offerings for industrial image processing, vision and camera systems, as well as sensor technology including imbedded vision (miniature image processing systems integrated into machines and process stations).

The Fraunhofer IPA Event Forum

The strong cooperation partner of Control for 13 years.

The Fraunhofer Institute IPA will also be represented at the 34th Control in 2020 with its internationally renowned event forum. The topic “Trends in Quality Assurance – Digitization, Automation and AI in Practice” will be presented at the Control in Hall 8 in 2020. Visitors will also have the opportunity to identify and evaluate AI applications in their own problems.

Fraunhofer Vision Alliance

The special show on “Contactless Measuring Technology”, which will be held at Control 2020 for the 16th time by the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, will present the latest developments and pioneering technologies in the field of contactless measuring and test technology. The special show has established itself in recent years as a marketplace for innovations amongst exhibitors and trade fair visitors alike.

Exhibitor Forum as Control Highlight

The exhibitor forum at Control has been conceived as a communication platform for supplementary information concerning the participating companies, as well as their technologies and their respective range of offerings. The participating exhibitors provide expert visitors with additional, in-depth information which goes above and beyond the exhibition programme. This results in increased decision-making security for expert visitors with a propensity to buy and invest. Beyond this, world-class speakers from research and science institutes report on their innovations and experiences – in theory and in practice – thus expanding the knowledge base for users.

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Internationale Fachmesse für Qualitätssicherung

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