2020.03.17-20. AMPER 2020 BRNO

AMPER 2020

AMPER 2020 Nemzetközi elektrotechnikai és elektronikai szakvásár

Időpont: 2020.március 17-20. – ELHALASZTVA – ÚJ IDŐPONT!

ÚJ IDŐPONT: 2021. MÁRCIUS 16-19.

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28th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Energetics, Automation, Communication, Lighting, and Security Technologies

The AMPER Trade Fair is one of the most important professional events in Central Europe. It is annually held in modern exhibition halls of Brno Exhibition Centre.

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Programok az AMPER 2020 kiállításon:



AMPER MOTION is an important part of the accompanying program at AMPER fair. It is focusing on dynamically developing sector of electromobility. For visitors it represents a very attractive showcase of the latest electric and hybrid vehicles and modern infrastructure facilities for electric vehicles.



The accompanying programs of the AMPER 2020 trade fair include also the fifth year of the AMPER STARTUP show, whose main goal is to support STARTUP companies and create quality conditions for their business presentation. At AMPER-STARTUP, young companies can show their innovative projects, present their business models, and also reach new investors. AMPER STARTUP is the ideal place to introduce the start up company on the market.

Take advantage of our special conditions and register your startup at AMPER STARTUP 2020!

During the previous 27th AMPER trade fair, the STARTUP section in Hall P presented the following:

The STARTUP section introduced a flexible modular system for high-efficiency stationary storage. The optimal stationary power storage system can be used, for example, to support the rapid charging of electric vehicles or the self-consumption of electricity from photovoltaic power plants in industrial plants. Thanks to modularity, the system can be upgraded in the future, its capacity is possible to boost simply by increasing the volume of the electrolyte, its performance then by adding additional battery volumes.

Open Cloud Smartware, a versatile software solution that integrates different manufacturers’ smart devices into one central ecosystem, offering advanced controls, controls, and automatic configurations.

Online Attendance GIRITON lets you easily monitor, record and evaluate the attendance of employees, both in the field and inside the buildings. You can record attendance using tablets, cellphones and webapp including tracking GPS positions and saving pictures. In a cloud application you can easily add, edit or review the attendance data. Depending on user permissions and user departments you can carry out exports or set up automated tasks, eg. sending mail on low number of present employees.

The Homee wireless smart cage system is designed for the complete control of your home. It includes three basic areas: security, indoor climate and comfort. The possibility to integrate a large number of sensors, detectors and action elements to build a smart home. Support for several radio protocols (EnOcean, Z-Wave, WLAN, and ZigBee) allows to connect multiple product types from several manufacturers into one system. For their operation and communication, EnOcean wireless sensors and detectors use only energy from its environment, from light, motion, temperature or vibration. These elements do not need batteries and are completely maintenance-free. The whole system is very flexible and can be expanded at any time by the extra elements and functions. The options are virtually unlimited.

The CNC cutter controlled by a computer without the need for a cable connection. It has a unique control and all control commands and data transmission is transmittted via Bluetooth. Only the power supply is attached to the cutter. With the special wire, the cutter can cut the precise shapes into polystyrene. This is suitable for 3D inscriptions, marketing purposes and things suitable for interior, exterior, or construction. This compact device is designed primarily for smaller spaces such as offices or small workshops and for products where only the polystyrene plate size (up to a thickness of 200mm) is sufficient.

Smart City Devices – complete solutions from hardware and firmware to any software or interface with your systems. Products include, for example, parking sensors, position tracking devices, device for monitoring availability of garbage containers, as well as devices suitable for use in transport for counting vehicles or people.


Automation and digitalization in the industry will belong to the main themes of the trade fair AMPER 2020 and will také place primarily in the hall V. At the booths of dozens of exhibitors, the visitors will be able to discover and examine software and hardware for automation and digital transformation of manufacturing factories and corporations.

Within the AUTOMATION & DIGITALIZATION FORUM under the direction of the Automa Professional Magazine, a number of leading experts from the branch of digitalization and automation will present at the lecture stage and visitors will learn a lot about current topics and trends. On the open, freely accessible area in Hall V, there will be space for discussions and subsequent interviews on advanced automation and measurement technology as well as industrial informatics tools.

Main topics:

• Digital Twin, Modeling and Simulation, Virtual Launch
• Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Processing, Expert Systems
• Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0
• Cyber Security
• Cloud, Edge Computing, Connectivity (OPC UA, MQTT, TSN)
• Virtual and Augmented Reality
• Blockchain
• Measuring and Instruments to support the Digitalization of the Industry
• Industrial Robots, Robotic Lines, Collaborative Robots, Autonomous Robots
• Lean Management
• Additive Production (3D printing)


Particularly reserved section of AMPER 2020 in Hall P named AMPER 5G EXPERIENCE ZONE is designed especially for exhibitors from the branches of telecommunications and digitalisation, as well as all other companies that want to present their products and services in connection with this innovative technology.

The new generation of the 5G network will be presented by Vodafone at its stand in Hall P. The visitors will learn what innovations enables the 5G-based mobile private network (MPN), how will the AR / VR technology help in the production, or how the first “5G smart factory” for electric cars in Aachen, Germany looks like.

We will also present cooperation with cities from the 5G for 5 Cities competition announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Three out of five cities are building their digital strategy with Vodafone (Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary and Jeseník) and will win state support for testing and using 5G technologies, as well as for the development of smart cities.