2018.03.13-15. LogiMAT 2018 Stuttgart


LogiMAT 2018 kiállítás Stuttgart

Időpont: 2018.03.13-15

Helyszín: Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Németország

First-Hand Intralogistics Digital-Connected-Innovative

LogiMAT 2018 – 16th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management


First-Hand Intralogistics

Digitalisation, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence and big data are key issues in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Advances in IT and technology and smart, autonomous systems are opening up brand new levels of productivity and value-creation along the entire supply chain.

Tools such as virtual reality, 3D printing and sensors are offering new perspectives. Data exchange in real time is providing an opportunity to react flexibly to changes and make adjustments in good time – both in production and in the warehouse.

Systems are growing together into new, smart systems. That interconnectivity opens the way to faster, more energy-efficient and secure processes. In the ideal situation man and machine collaborate seamlessly and intuitively. Every company that wants to benefit from this digital transformation is faced with immense challenges in terms of the complexity of
these systems. At the same time, scope is opening up for innovations.

The technologies needed for intralogistics solutions and process management are in focus at LogiMAT. This is the leading international trade fair that provides a comprehensive market overview and competent knowledge-transfer. The unique infrastructure and clear segmentation of the exhibition sections ensure all participants get the inside track on first-hand intralogistics at LogiMAT.



The ever-changing markets require flexible and innovative logistics. Processes must be continuously monitored and optimized. This requires a sensitive awareness of an abundance of offerings to identify the products and solutions that you just optimize your internal processes.

LogiMAT provides the trade audience with a comprehensive review of all the main themes in the sector, from procurement to production and deliveries.

At the start of the year international exhibitors showcase innovative technologies, products, systems and solutions for rationalisation, process optimisation and cost-reduction of in-company logistics processes.



  • provides knowledge for practice
  • sets trends
  • shows visions



The success of LogiMAT is based on a package consisting of three strategic components:

Marketplace for trade talks – the right place at the right time

Trade forums – direct know-how transfer, in the halls, from the experts

Live demonstrations – hands-on solutions, as a valuable decision-making tool

LogiMAT 2018 kiállítás

További információ: https://www.logimat-messe.de/en


LOGIMAT 2018 kiállítás